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This website will be designed within the scope of "Education 4.0 for Youth"

project which is supported by Erasmus+

  • Project Start Date: 30/09/2020
  • Project End Date: 29/09/2022
  • Project Total Duration: 24 months


The overall goal of the project is to create a comprehensive mapping of the digital and technological competencies of youth in Kahramanmaraş high schools. The Skills Competency Map will indicate areas of strengths and weaknesses, enabling the accurate design of a new teaching methodology that will effectively close skills gaps. The specific objectives of the project are: to invest in the necessary digital and technological materials and equipment to meet industry demands. to identify the digital and technical skills gaps in the youth of Kahramanmaraş by the creation of a comprehensive Skills Competency Map. to prepare students for the workforce. to increase awareness about "education 4.0".


Due to the advent of Covid 19, it has become apparent that today's students lack the IT skills necessary for success in their online studies.


Education 4.0 for Youth will enhance the digital learning experience of youth by designing a new learning methodology complementing virtual study.

General Objective

Education 4.0 for Youth will identify the basic IT skills strengths, weaknesses and gaps of students learning in virtual environments.


Creating a Skill Competency Map Creating a digital platform Creating a new approach and content for learning and teaching.

Partners' Comments
  • Education in the 21st century means embracing digital technology. It is the aspiration of every country for future generations to be tech-savvy. In this regard we are certainly living in changing times. According to one study, in the near future many of today's jobs will no longer be relevant. New jobs will emerge catering to the digital age in which we now live. Education 4.0 and the challenges the fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) presents must be addressed in every national blueprint for higher education. The Education 4.0 for Youth project identifies the strengths, weaknesses and skills gaps of students, allowing for the design of a learning methodology that best addresses these needs.

    Trend Education NGO
  • Digital competency is an important twenty-first century skill that all the students should have to get a job after school.As a result,having digital competency map of students,teachers and employers are of vital to understand current situation and to create a new teaching and learning methodology accordingly is important. Intellectual outputs of this project will be substantial resources both for educators and employers.

    Kahramanmaraş Technopolis